Tel.   015395 66201

Dear customers,

As you know we have exciting plans to create a new sales hall to add to our ever-growing and successful business.

Should you visit our premises, you will now see an area cordoned off near the café, which is there as a safe working space for the contractors. The building itself arrives in January with an expected completion by Easter.

There will be some unavoidable site disruption while the build takes place, not least around lot deliveries and collections, so we are putting in place systems to help minimise these while keeping our whole business operational as normal.

We will be using a timed appointment system for collections and deliveries and by keeping to these times, we can ensure we are ready for you when you arrive, and, if required there will be a member of staff to help you to your vehicle with your lots.

As we speak, the company is creating more car parking space for all on-site businesses. It is another sign of the success of all the parts of the company over the last 10 years at J36 Rural Auction Centre that these are needed.

We have a wonderfully located site and are very proud to be part of this company, but without your custom, support, and understanding, we couldn’t have achieved what we have. So I thank you in advance for your patience and support and we will keep you updated on all progress.

Bill Nelson, FLAA, FIA (Scot), FNAVA
Business Development Manager/1818 Manager