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MAP AUCTION: The map used at mission control for Paul Tierney’s record-breaking run around the Lakeland fells is to be auctioned for charity.

The special map, printed for the occasion by Harvey Map Services, has the line of the route over the 214 Wainwrights outlined in red. It has been signed by Paul Tierney who set a new record of six days, six hours and five minutes for the run.

The auction is being organised by Jonathan Kaye at the Cedar Manor Hotel in Windermere, one of the sponsors of the successful record-breaking attempt. The map was used throughout the run at the Ambleside HQ from where Paul’s run was monitored, and from where his supplies – and his team of pacers – were co-ordinated.

Harvey Map Services have given their blessing for the auction which will raise further funds of the mental health charity MIND. Paul’s run has already brought in more than £30,000, in memory of his friend and fellow runner Chris Stirling who died
earlier this year.

Chris Beacock of Harvey’s said that the whole staff had avidly followed Paul’s progress on the online tracker and were very happy that the map had been useful.

“Auctioning off the map to raise money for MIND is an excellent idea. And with Paul’s signature on it, this will make a really unique memento of the challenge.”

Jonathan Kaye, himself a runner who is in the process of ticking off the Wainwrights “one at a time” said that the challenge had gripped the imagination of everyone who loved the Lakeland hills.

“It was a truly remarkable piece of fell-running history,” he said. “And we really want to support the charity to raise awareness of mental health issues, particularly among the fit and active.”

Further lot details

This is the map produced by Harvey Map Services especially for Paul Tierney’s successful bid to break the record for running all 214 Wainwright summits in the Lake District. The map is based on the route created by the previous record holder, Steve Birkinshaw.

There were three copies created. This one is the map used at the Ambleside HQ of Paul Tierney’s attempt. The route has been overwritten in red to stand out. It was consulted regularly throughout the six days and six hours, alongside an online tracker.

It illustrates the enormity of the challenge, and also the ingenuity of Steve Birkinshaw’s route, creating the most time-efficient route rather than tackling the hills in each of the seven guidebooks to the Lakeland Fells as produced by Alfred Wainwright (and as run by Joss Naylor, who held the record before Birkinshaw).

Proceeds from this sale will go to the charity MIND.

This lot will be sold on the second day of the Two-day Specialist Auction at 1818 Auctioneers, August 6th. You can view the lot (894) and bid online via the 1818 Auctioneers website.