We are seeing a new interest in taxidermy with some specimens, and not always those in the best of condition, making hundreds and sometimes over a thousand pounds.

The art of preserving animals has been practiced since Egyptian times but it is the Victorians who are best known for their love of taxidermy and displaying specimens in their home. Now that animals are no longer being hunted, to be stuffed and mounted, they are becoming popular again for the home.

Examples from recent sales include a dog’s head, containing a silver tankard with stand/handle, date marked London 1844 with a worn makers mark which made £1,200. And a 14 point antler Stags Head on shield, missing one eye, made by HR Bennet, with two replacement eyes which sold for £360.

Independent Valuer Ken Payne, who looks after this section with Auctioneer David Hunter, also recalls a Barn Owl on a branch in a glass case, which made £360 – an example of Victorian taxidermy and six partridges in wooden and glass case which sold for £70.

With this range of values seen at auction there is something for all buyers and plenty to inspire potential sellers to seek a valuation from Ken or David, simple fill in the form further down the page.

We check that anything put forward for auction is sold in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna regulations (CITES). We also ensure any necessary licences or pre-sale approvals are obtained from the Animal and Plant Health Agency in Bristol.

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Ken is our specialist in coins, stamps, postcards, and small militaria including medals, badges, small arms and uniforms. He’s also our man for alcohol, wines, spirits and all ephemera including football programmes.

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