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Welcome to the fascinating field of clocks and horology and barometers and scientific instruments. Our regular sales include globes, microscopes, barometers, telescopes and binoculars, as well as drawing and measuring instruments.

Clocks cover a range of periods and types from mantle, to enamel, pocket and long case. Some also come with a lovely local story like the 18th century oak longcase grandfather clock made by blacksmith William Shepherd of Millom which made £600.

It’s also an example of a market for provincially-made clocks which is growing, people like things that are made locally or tell us something about the places we live in. A well-known clock making name is one reason why another Cumbrian made clock did well at auction. A late 18th century oak longcase clock with a square brass face and 30 hour movement by Barber, of Winster, made £2,100.

Other key factors we take into consideration when valuing a clock include maker, movement, condition and quality. It’s perhaps surprising to discover that value is not always linked to the piece being a good timekeeper.

We also sell stick barometers, which tend to be popular at auction. For example a mahogany stick barometer by B Martin, Fleet Street, London made £280 whereas an early 19th century mahogany wheel barometer and an Edwardian mahogany aneroid banjo barometer made £48 and £45 respectively.

When it comes to scientific instruments, there is so much to discover. Items sold at auction provide a snapshot of the interest from our buyers. A vintage dump level surveying instrument by Stanley, in fitted mahogany case made £75. There are many other examples of tools that have lone become redundant but fascinate us none the less.

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David Brookes

Auctioneer. ASFAV

David is a generalist valuer with many years of experience in the industry. He has the knowledge to value any item of any type and period.

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