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In early April, The Herald Series published an article highlighting the unexpectedly high price achieved for a seemingly unremarkable diecast model car, a Dinky Oldsmobile.

Despite its worn appearance, the toy fetched an impressive £992, sparking interest from 29 bidders. This shows us the value of nostalgic collectables.

Our quarterly Toys, Models and Railwayana auctions here at 1818 Auctioneers attract a diverse range of enthusiasts. Specialist valuer David Hunter brings a wealth of knowledge to the cataloguing of these auctions, recognising the potential value even in play-worn items.

Yes, it would be great to have diecast models with their original cardboard boxes, but there is certainly money involved in loose examples, too. The Oldsmobile proves that! When it comes to these models, collectors seek the rarer variations with unusually coloured bodies and unique hubs, as well as the pre-war models.

Beyond diecast cars, the toy market encompasses a broad spectrum of interests. There’s always a strong market for model locomotives and train sets, particularly the more modern digitalised versions. However, we still get respectable results for the old tinplate and pre-war locomotives, such as the larger 0 gauge models. Again, they are still very saleable if they aren’t too damaged or rusted.

Other toys to consider selling through auction are early comics by Marvel, early 20th-century wood wool teddy bears and soft toys, Sindy and Action Man dolls, and live steam models.

With a dedicated team and a vibrant marketplace at 1818 Auctioneers, it’s worth checking through your old toys and models.

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