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We are continuing to see significant growth in our coin auctions. The strategic move to four specialist coin auctions annually has increased both the quality and quantity of lots.

Our latest auction featured 193 lots, of which 189 sold around or above expectations.

The highlight of the latest auction was Lot 627: a United States of America 1797 Silver Half Dime, Draped Bust, Small Eagle on Reverse, 15 Stars. This remarkable coin sold for £4550 after an intense 74 bids, ultimately going to a UK-based bidder.

Early American coins are always highly sought after, and this one was in excellent condition. Based on a sketch by artist Gilbert Stuart, the obverse of the Draped Bust half dime features dies engraved by Robert Scot and John Eckstein. The 1796 variety originally bore fifteen stars, representing the number of states in the union at the time. In 1797, varieties with fifteen and sixteen stars were produced to represent the newly admitted Tennessee, alongside a thirteen-star variety created when the mint realised it could not continue adding stars with each new state. The reverse design features an open wreath surrounding a small eagle perched on a cloud. A total of 54,757 half dimes of this design were minted.

Gold coins also continue to attract significant interest from collectors and investors alike. Full Sovereigns are currently fetching a minimum of £330, with Half Sovereigns making no less than £175.

Our commitment to quality and expertise in coin sales continues to attract dedicated buyers, ensuring each auction is a notable event in the numismatic community. See our department page for more information on our coin auctions.

View some of the auction highlights below.

A United States of America 1797 Silver Half Dime

Sold: £4,500

A Queen Victoria Silver 1847 Gothic Crown

Sold: £3,000

A 1978 South Africa 1oz Fine Gold Krugerrand in 9ct Gold pendant mount

Sold: £1,560

A GB 1887 Gold Two Pound Coin

Sold: £980