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I would like to wish all 1818 Auctioneers’ clients a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I’d also like to say thank you for your loyalty and support throughout 2019.

The first two months of 2020  are really exciting as we are in the midst of a large building project to allow us to expand into a second dedicated saleroom. We hope to cause as little disruption to our customers as possible through this period but apologies if the odd inconvenience does arise.

As auctioneers, we work for those selling an item, those buying the items, and the company who pay our wages. It’s a rewarding balancing act to perform daily and by and large, we do it rather well. We have again had a busy and profitable year with many highlights.

It’s a team effort and I think this is a good time to publicly thank all the members of the 1818 Auctioneers family for their hard work and dedication over the past twelve months. Without Clare, Emma and Alex at Ten Stories we would not be able to spread the word of what we are doing, going to do and would like to do. They help us bring all those special and interesting lots to your attention too.

Without the awesome team in the saleroom (Kevin Kendal, Andy Langdale, Garth Drinkall, Amy Read, Alison Nelson and Rona Cartwright) who unpack the boxes, layout the lots, take the photographs, receive the goods from clients, post it out when its sold, work out where everything is going, and so much more, we could not carry on.

The amazing office team (Jackie Stephens, Katie Waine and Dawn O’Sullivan) make sense of the mountains of paperwork, keep the accounts right, decipher valuers’ writing, read auctioneers’ figures, and ensure the office is tidy and organised – what’s more, they do it all with a smile on their faces.

The valuers (Jackie Rothwell, David Brookes, David Hunter, Kevin Kendal, Garth Drinkall, Annia Zalewski, Rob Kerr and Ken Payne), whether employees or independent, select the items for their sections and catalogue them, hit regular deadlines, offer valuations and meet clients. Their hard work helps us reach our business targets.

The auctioneers do a great job, and they also share their thanks to the cast of people mentioned above.

All the guys who courier the goods in and out of the saleroom, you deserve a special thank you for working so closely with the saleroom team, keeping the flow of goods coming and going.

The holding company team deserves a large thank you for all the backup and support given throughout the year, which goes unseen by most. Without you, our wages would not appear, our accounts would never get done, health & safety, HR and all other vital but unseen jobs would pass us by. Katie, Emma and Emma are the quiet cogs that keep the L&K Group engine working.

Sean and Emma in the Exhibition Hall work so closely with us and help us so much. They are both a pleasure to work with and are considered a part of our team as well as their own.

Finally, thanks go to the Board of Directors (especially Chairman, John Drinkall and also James Dixon, the Director for 1818 Auctioneers) who have supported our growth over the past four years and continue to back us as we move forward into a new decade.

It’s a cast of thousands making our job such a pleasure, here’s to the next ten years of auctioneering at 1818 Auctioneers!