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It’s always fascinating to watch auction trends. We’re predicting that 2019 will see continued interest in advertising memorabilia, and in branded signs in particular.

First created in the 1880s and popular through to the 1950s, enamel signs were seen outside of most businesses and they now catch collectors’ eyes. The interest that’s been building shows no sign (forgive the pun) of waning. Our top tip is to look out for food and drink signage, petrol station or brewery signs.

While the signs consistently command good prices, there are plenty of other branded items performing well under the hammer, including wooden crates, packaging, and tins.

Promotional items given with purchases are valuable too. Remember Robertson’s gollies and the Natwest piggy banks? Or going back further, cigarette cards and tea cards? It makes you wonder what the promotional items of the future are likely to be – perhaps we’ll be selling Happy Meal toys!

Call for entries: March auction

Trainee auctioneer, Garth Drinkall is now inviting entries of advertising memorabilia and branded or promotional items. They will go under the hammer as part of our March collectors’ auction. Garth already has some interesting lots consigned, including the Sunlight enamel advertising sign pictured above, estimated at £120-£180.

If you have any items you would like appraised ahead of consignment to this auction, please call 015395 66201.

Advertising signs at auction

To view achieved prices, please browse these recent results:

A selection of vintage advertising glass bottles including Esso lube and Emu brand (Sold in December 2018, £30)

Two 1960’s Corgi cold cast advertising printing plates, VW and Ford Mustang (Sold in November 2018, £40)

A vintage tin advertising sign for Will’s Gold Flake with Francis Drake design (Sold in November 2018, £30)

A vintage tin advertising sign for walls ice cream (Sold in November 2018, £50)

A vintage tin advertising sign for Ladybird books (Sold in November 2018, £55)

A selection of Beatrix Potter advertising items, memorabilia including two Peter Rabbit shop display figures (Sold in October 2018, £260)

A vintage 70’s design Coca Cola light up advertising sign (Sold in August 2018, £160)

A selection of vintage Robertson jam advertising badges, (Sold in May 2018, £100)