Auctioneer Bill Nelson reflects on one of the latest trends to hit the auction house salerooms: mid century furniture auctions.

“Mid-century furniture is providing auction houses with a ‘new’ trend as much-loved brands from the 1950s and 1960s are attracting a keen following. Pieces from E-Gomme (G Plan), McIntosh, Ercol and Nathan are now mixed in with contemporary styles to create a highly desirable interior scheme.

Scandinavian mid-century furniture is commanding high prices, while kitchenettes and kitchenalia are also in vogue. Styles that feature bright colours and evocative and exiting design, such as West German ‘fat lava’ floor vases, are also fashionable once again.

This trend is not restricted to furniture and furnishings though, the music of the time is tremendously collectable, particularly rare pressings from 60s bands. Even toys from that era (such as Action Man, Sindy and Barbie) are hot lots and pre-Instamatic cameras, such as quality 35mm cameras, are beginning to attract buyers.

What goes around really does come around – I wish I’d kept my flares.”

1818 Auctioneers will be holding a mid century sale in the autumn, please contact Bill or Garth to express an interest in submitting lots for sale.