Among our stamp auctions, you can expect to find World and Great Britain albums, first day covers, and postal franked postcards, which appeal to collectors of both postcards and of postmarks.

We handle every type of stamp collection from across the world - what a great way to explore other cultures, history and even nature through the miniature of a postal stamp.
Stamp collecting was once a hugely popular hobby but it’s declined along with the practice of sending letters and postcards but many families have a collection in their midst and if it’s languishing away in the attic or the back of a drawer. You may want to check with Ken Payne, our specialist valuer, to see if has value. Whilst it’s unlikely to include the most valuable stamp in the world, the 1c magenta from British Guiana, which last sold for over $9 million, you may have a Penny Black, the world’s first stamp and the most iconic - or other stamps, which can be worth tens if not hundreds of pounds.

Ken says many of the most valuable stamps in the world were issued in the UK. They become rare and valuable for a number of reasons. Sometimes because there’s a mistake, like the Roses Error stamp released in 1978, or they’ve been withdrawn leaving only a very few in circulation. In other instances, it’s the mint condition that makes for an eye-watering price at auction. Whichever end of the buying spectrum you sit at, there will be something that’s bound to catch your eye in our stamp sections. They're a great place to start a new hobby or find a stamp that will complete a collection built up over decades.


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Meet the expert

Ken Payne

Expert Valuer

Ken is our specialist in coins, stamps, postcards, and small militaria including medals, badges, small arms and uniforms. He’s also our man for alcohol, wines, spirits and all ephemera including football programmes.

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