Our regular auctions of musical instruments and equipment have developed a keen following both locally and online. It’s helped us establish some record prices including a proud moment when we sold a limited edition ‘JS Berlin Legend’ Patrick Eggle electric guitar. It was made for the Irish blues and rock legend Rory Gallagher which helped it to sell for £29,500, including buyer’s premium. We have also sold guitars for more modest prices such as a left-handed Rickenbacker 4001 Bass guitar in a fitted case which made £1,400.

The auctions always include a large selection of violins, accordions, pianos and keyboards alongside less well-known instruments such as phono fiddles. Examples of items sold recently include a hammer price of £1250 for a vintage Fantina Sonatina piano accordion in a fitted case, £550 for a Jones Concertina and £180 for a traditional violin, bow and case, labelled John G Murdoch. We also sold a set of Northumbria small pipes for £300 and a Zimmerman baby grand piano made £400, evidence of the breadth of instruments we see and sell.

And no music sale is complete without a good selection of speakers, amps, microphones, gramophones and stereo equipment. We sold an HMV 102 gramophone with instruction book and songster needles for a respectable £210 and a selection of vintage radio/amplifier valves for £90. And given the popularity of vinyl, it’s no surprise to see turntables doing well at auction like a vintage Linn Sondek LP12 turntable which made £440.

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Meet the expert

Kev Kendal

Saleroom Co-ordinator. FIA (Scot)

Kev welcomes submissions of musical instruments and heads up our specialist auctions of music, memorabilia and vinyl. He’s also a very capable generalist valuer.

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Recent Highlights

A Collings OM2H guitar – SOLD, £2850.
A Gibson L-5 guitar – SOLD £2600.
A Guild Artists Award AA-B1 guitar – SOLD, £2400.
A Selmer 80 Alto Sax – SOLD, £1800.
A Buffet bass or alto clarinet – SOLD, £1600.
A Yamaha baritone sax – SOLD, £1600.
A Buffet Crampon clarinet etc – SOLD, £1500.
A Collection of Moeck recorders – SOLD, £1500.
A Collection of Moeck recorders – SOLD, £1200.
A pre war Gibson banjo – SOLD, £1200.