Our regular auctions of musical instruments, equipment and collectable vinyl have developed a keen following both locally and online.

There have been some key highlights as the department has grown in size and reputation, including the sale of a collector's collection of some of the world's rarest vinyl in September 2016, which topped £25,000.

Auctioneer Kev Kendal also recalls the 2014 sale of a limited edition ‘JS Berlin Legend’ Patrick Eggle electric guitar made for the Irish blues and rock legend Rory Gallagher (which sold for £29,500, including buyer’s premium) - it gave the department international recognition and set a saleroom record.

While these items stand out in rarity and value, the auctions always include a large selection of affordable instruments, vinyl and audio equipment.

Expect to see violins, acoustic and electric guitars, accordions, pianos and keyboards alongside less well-known instruments such as phonofiddles. And there's always a buzz around one-off vinyl finds such as the Courtyard Music Group's £1,000 record, and copies of Prog Rock album, England.

Look out also for items of musical memorabilia - a recent example being a strong collection of signed Ozzie Osbourne memorabilia including tour posters, guides, t-shirts, sweat bands and badges. And no music sale is complete without a good selection of speakers, amps, microphones, gramophones and stereo equipment.

Do get in touch with us if you are interested in selling through this department, we can reach buyers around the world through our online auction platform and digital marketing.

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Meet the expert

Kev Kendal

Saleroom Co-ordinator. FIA (Scot)

Kev welcomes submissions of musical instruments and heads up our specialist auctions of music, memorabilia and vinyl. He’s also a very capable generalist valuer.

Are you looking for a valuation? Fill in the form, upload an image and we’ll be in touch soon.

Recent Highlights

Phonofiddles became popular in early 20th century recording studios as they were louder than a standard violin. This cased Phono Viols example (lot 498) sold for £290.
Our top seller on October 23rd was lot 474, a late 19th century mahogany 32-button concertina by Lachenal. Hammer price: £400
This 2012/13 Mexican Fender Telecaster (lot 488) was a Cabronita model with a Sunburst finish and a soft gig bag. It achieved £280.
This vintage mahogany-cased, 4-octave spinet by Arnold Dometsch (lot 494) sold for £380
A fantastic selection of Jazz records including 7x Miles Davis, 5x Bill Evans, 4x Coltrane, 3x Modern Jazz Quartet (lot 654) attracting strong interest and sold at £240.
vinyl auction
Lot 750, a vast selection of approximately 1,500 LPs of various genres and styles reached a selling price of £300

Latest News

School boy hopes to record a profit selling at auction

A 12-year-old is hoping his latest business venture will prove to be record-breaking when two lots of vinyl go under the hammer on Monday 23 October at 1818 Auctioneers on the Cumbria, Lancashire border. The two collections of around 50 records, include albums and 7 inch singles by Madonna. Each is expected to fetch £125. … Continued