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Date: Thu 23rd July 2020
- Sun 9th August 2020
Time: 9am
No. of lots: 221
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  • Date of auction: from 8am

Hammer price: £170.00

A 1970's Aristocrat Kingway Inca Gold One Armed Bandit, taking 5p coins and being electrified

Hammer price: £46.00

A box of mixed toys and games including 1960's Palitoys Action Man, Rosebud dollin original box, jigsaws, Lotto etc

Hammer price: £30.00

A Eden Gift limited edition soft toy, Peter Rabbit, 1127/2500 in original display box along with three modern Steiff Dolls and Mini-China tea sets, also boxed

Hammer price: £30.00

A Ertl diecast 1:16 scale John Deere 1915 Model R Waterloo Boy Tractor, No 559, in original display box

Hammer price: £100.00

A collection of twenty one Corgi (china) Classic Commercials diecast buses, all boxed

Hammer price: £420.00

A mid 20th century clockwork plush Donkey having mechanical head with key, height 12 inches and two comics, 1910 Lot-O-Fun and 1911 Puck

Hammer price: £105.00

A collection of twenty nine EFE buses an A collection of twenty nine EFE diecast buses and coaches, all boxed

Hammer price: £55.00

A collection of twenty Corgi (Great Britain) diecast buses and vans, all boxed

Hammer price: £65.00

A collection of seventeen Corgi (Great Britain) Classic diecast buses, all boxed

Hammer price: £42.00

A shelf of mixed diecast buses and similar diecasts including Lledo, Matchbox etc, most boxed

Hammer price: £100.00

A collection of approx forty five Corgi (China) diecast buses, including Fishwick & Son Centenary Set, Yorkshire Rider, Original Omnibus etc, most boxed

Hammer price: £120.00

Twelve Solido Bus Londonien and similar diecast buses etc, along with seven Siku, Joal, Dinky and Matchbox diecast buses, all boxed

Hammer price: £55.00

Three Subbuteo part sets, Test Match Cricket, Table Rugby and Table Soccer Continental Edition along with three part football team sets, all boxed

Hammer price: £40.00

Nine 1960's and later toys and games including Marx Silver Lone Ranger Horse, Mousetrap, Sport Trainer, Ants In The Pants etc

Hammer price: £50.00

A selection of mixed toys including a early 20th century Junior tinplate Tpewriter, a Chad Valley Globe, Schuco tinplate and clockwork 1010 car, Dinky Car Transporter, Victory Industries MG Car, Japan & France tin plate etc

Hammer price: £48.00

A selection of modern Corgi and similar diecasts including four Chipperfield Circus vehices, Heavy Haulage Pointer Group, Classics and Vanguards along with three modern dolls

Hammer price: £34.00

A 1960's Palitoy Action Men,a KLM Mini Stewardess Doll in window box, a British Caledonian doll in window box along with later souvenir dolls


A selection of railway related volumes including The Hornby Companion Series Vol 5, Hornby The Official Illustrated History, The World Guide To Model Trains, British Model Train Catalogue, The Toy Story etc

Hammer price: £38.00

Thirty Six Lledo Days Gone and similar diecast vehicles, all boxed

Hammer price: £90.00

Twenty Four Corgi (Great Britain) Classics and 50's Classics including 1954 Mecedes 300SL 811, 1952 Jaguar XK120 804, Ford Zephyr 96721 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £95.00

Nine Corgi (China) Guinness advertising vehicles including 55801, 50703,,59565 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £55.00

Fourteen Corgi (China) Classics and Tramways diecast Trams including 36707 43504 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £24.00

A wooden sign, Castell Ogwr Ogmore Castle, silver lettering and border on black background, 59 x 17.5 inches

Hammer price: £40.00

Nine Corgi (Swansea) diecast Mini's including C330/2 - C330/9 along with a later Corgi diecast Mini, all boxed

Hammer price: £130.00

Eight Corgi (china) Pinder Jean Richard Circus diecast adverting vehicles including 74301, 73301, 70301 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £90.00

Eleven Corgi (china) Limited Edition Vintage Glory of Steam diecast advertising vehicles including 80003, 80203, 80307, 80002 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £105.00

Eighteen Corgi (china) The Original Omnibus diecast advertising buses including 42101, 41601, 42301 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £105.00

Twenty Corgi (china) Classics , Commercials and similar diecast advertising buses including 96994, 97196, 97111 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £85.00

Eighteen Lledo Vanguards 1950's-1960's Classic Commercial Vehicles and Classic Popular Saloon Cars diecasts including Heinz VA8000 Total Oil VA7003, VW Cabriolet VA2000 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £100.00

Nine Corgi (china) limited edition Guy Invincible diecast advertising wagons including Wynns 29102, Arthur R Duckett 29301 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £40.00

Three Corgi (china) Passage of Time, The Leyland Clocks diecast advetising wagons, 09804, 24503 & 26601, all boxed

Hammer price: £130.00

Eleven Corgi (china) Eddie Stobart diecast advertisng vehicles, including AEC Truck & Trailer 97369, ERF KV Low Loader 11601 etc, all boxed

Hammer price: £42.00

A collection of playworn Britains and Matchbox Military vehicles and accessories


A LMA Handbook, published by the Locomotive Manufacturers Association of Great Britain, first edition 1949, 464 pages, soft covers

Hammer price: £42.00

Two Hornby clockwork 0 gauge 0-4-0 LNER and BR Tank Engines

Hammer price: £44.00

Two Hornby clockwork 0 gauge 0-4-0 LMS Tank Engines, one with tender

Hammer price: £75.00

An early 20th century pull-along hide-covered papier mache mooing cow on wood base with brass wheels, Height approx 6 inches along with a British made tin plate Money Box modelled as a safe

Hammer price: £3,050.00

An extensive collection of 1990's and later Pokemon cards including complete sets, Base 102 cards, Jungle 64 cards, Fossil 62 cards, Team Rocket 82 cards, Gym Heroes 132 cards, part sets including Gym Challenge, Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, Neo Genesis edition 1, Base 2, Neo Revelation, Neo 2 Promo set (2000) set of 9 cards, Ancient Mew in plastic sleeve, Secret card (Team Rocket) Dark Raichu 83/82 etc approx 3000 cards in books with approx 4000 cards loose also included is a set of four Viz comics including limited edition no1 signed by actors, vol 2, 3 & 4, with vendor list

Hammer price: £36.00

A framed London Midland & Scottish Railway Company wooden painted plaque having thistle decoration


A framed and glazed Bradshaw's Railway Map of Great Britain and Ireland

Hammer price: £540.00

A selection of LFL, Kenner, Pallitoy and similar original Star Wars accessories and figures including Ewok Village with original box, Millennium Falcon, At-At,, Jabba The Hutt in original box, many figures with original cards including Hammerhead, Luke Skywalker, IG-88, Klaatu etc

Hammer price: £20.00

Two boxes of playworn 00 gauge including Hornby, TTR and similar including engines, rolling stock, many accessories and figures along with a Hornby Motor Rail part set


A Triang Hi-Way truck with plastic milk bottles, four Ertl and Joal diecast diggers and combine harvester along with a modern corgi diecast wagon and a Ringtons ceramic jar

Hammer price: £55.00

A Hornby 0 gauge clockwork 0-4-0 loco and tender, rolling stock and track along with a selection of similar vintage meccano

Hammer price: £32.00

An early 20th century Armand Marseille bisque headed doll having sleep eyes, open mouth with four teeth showing, composition jointed body, numbered 2 1/2

Hammer price: £30.00

A 1970's Marx Thunderbolt plastic horse with Johnny West figure and accessories, a Vic-Toy Space Lines game and a Peter Pan Frustration game, all in original boxes

Hammer price: £80.00

A Hornby 3.5 inch gauge live steam model, Stephenson's Rocket and Tender

Hammer price: £60.00

A selection of playworn diecast and tin plate vehicles including early Corgi, Dinky, Britains, Lone Star, Lesney and later similar including Matchbox and Tonka etc

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