Date: Mon 30th April 2018
Time: 12.30pm
No. of lots: 238

Hammer price: £25

A trombone (impressed FF) and case

Hammer price: £8

A selection of guitar accessories including plectrums, tuner, finger picks and strings


A selection of music box/polyphonic discs, approx 6" diameter

Hammer price: £30

A pair of Stagg bongos

Hammer price: £8

An Edwardian heavy Walnut piano stool having later upholstered top with cupboard under


A vintage portable electric reed organ by J Busilacchio, Mk 1

Hammer price: £18

A vintage Soundcity SC30B

Hammer price: £12

A vintage floor tom, having George Hayman (remo) drum head


Three acoustic guitars including childs size


Three pink acoustic guitars including childs sizes

Hammer price: £160

A Hohner Atlantic IV 120 button accordion, 11 register disca, 3 register bass, red pearlescent finish

Hammer price: £20

A Kimbara for FCN England 5P acoutsic guitar

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