Date: Mon 13th January 2020
Time: 10am
No. of lots: 477
Viewing Times
  • Friday 10th: 1pm - 4pm
  • Saturday 11th: 10am - 1pm
  • Date of auction: from 8.30am

Hammer price: £22.00

A modern bronze effect study, Racehorse A modern spelter study, Racehorse and Jockey in running, bearing signature Mene


A Sylvac style shop display study, Hereford Bull 3930

Hammer price: £40.00

Two Border Fine Arts studies, German Shepherd B0496 and West Highland Terrier Family Group A588, both boxed along with two Royal Doulton figures, Blacksmith HN4488 and Auxiliary Territorial Service HN4495


Three Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, Kangaroo having 21 year anniversary gold stopper, Mandarin Duck and Woodland Pheasant both having gold stoppers


Two Lladro figures, Little Shepherd With Goat 4817 (AF) and Young Woman Seated on Tree Stump With Dog, both in rare matt finish


A Border Fine Arts study, Partridge, style one


A Border Fine Arts study, Partridge, style two 033

Hammer price: £32.00

A Border Fine Arts study, Sow, L107

Hammer price: £50.00

Ten Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures including Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, Tommy Brock, Lady Mouse etc, three with boxes, four Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures and a Beswick Ginger & Pickles figure group (af)

Hammer price: £25.00

A Beswick study, Highland Calf 1827D

Hammer price: £38.00

Three Beswick study, Cantering Shire 975, Arab Bahram 1771 and Bois Roussel, matt H701, all brown

Hammer price: £42.00

Four Beswick studies, Fox, curled 1017, Badger, male 3393, Badger, female 3394 and Badger, cub 3392

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