Hammer highlights from the Antique Vintage and Collectables including Object D’Art 22 auction, which ended Sunday 24th July.

Lot 1

An Edison electric pen, having a nickel-plated flywheel stamped ‘Patented Aug 15 1876’ and electric motor formed by two electromagnetic coils enclosed by a black painted and gilt lined cast iron frame, all over a textured shaft and oscillating steel stylus. 14cm

Sold: £1,800

Lot 187

A late Victorian Kinora filp film viewer oak framed with glass viewer along with four Kinora films no.125, 126, 483 and 98

Sold: £640

Lot 19

An 18th century and later lantern clock of large proportions having single hand fusee mechanism with brass and iron case and pierced brass work 36cm tall

Sold: £250

Lot 13

A Robert Thompson Mouseman oak carved ashtray, with carved mouse signature

Sold: £250

Lot 4

A Victorian music box or Carillons A Musique having barrel tube mechanism with multiple selector Harpe-Zither Modele Depose

Sold: £240