The sale included the important single owner collection from Cumbria.

1818 valuer Ken Payne claims this is the best collection he has ever seen and the bidders were out in force to buy a piece of history, these collections do not come on the market often and when they do they are keenly bid for with highlights being:

Lot 837

A collection of Medals to LT.Colonel W.D.Sword North Staffordshire Regiment in display frame, service record 1891 4th Militia Battalion North Staffordshire 1894, 2nd Lieutenant 1st Batt North Staff, service from 1894-1900, Malta 1894-95, Cairo 1895-97, including Dongola Expedition 1896, India 1898-1900. 1901-1904 West Africa Frontier Force (North Nigeria Regiment). 1st North Staff’s 1905-1912. Placed on unemployment list 1913, recalled WW1 August 1914, promoted Lieutenant Colonel 9th August 1914, more detailed list with medals. Medals, Silver Queens Sudan Medal, Queens South Africa Medal with clasps Johannesburg, Orange Free State and Cape Colony, Africa General Service Medal with clasps N.Nigeria 1903 and N.Nigeria, WW1 Trio, two Khedives Sudan Medals unnamed 1896-1908 both with hafir clasp, unnamed Queens South Africa Medal and Miniatures.

Sold: £3,200

After many condition reports regarding the naming of the medals the bidders had the confidence that the naming was correct as many medals can be found to be renamed

Lot 801

An 1815 Waterloo Medal with ribbon to Richard Edwards, 2nd Batt.95th Reg.Foot., this was the first medal awarded and officially named to all ranks who took part in a particular campaign, not original ring and clasp.

Sold: £2,600

Lot 878

A large display case containing Border Regiment Cap Badges including 3rd Volunteer Batt Cap & Collar Badges, 3rd Militia Batt Cap Badge 3 O/Rs Patterns, 3rd Militia Batt Officers Cap Badges 2nd Pattern, 4th (TF) Batt Cap Badges 1908-20, 5th (TF)Batt Officers Cap & Collars 1908-20, 4th (TF) Batt O/Rs Cap & Collars 1908-20, Border Reg Officers Cap & Collar, 11th (lonsdale) BN Cap Badges Silver, Bronze and Bras, 3rd Militia Batt Officers Cap & Collars 1902-06, All Batt Officers Cap & Collars 1955-75, 5th (TF) Batt O/Rs Cap & Collars 1908-20, Regular Batt Officers Cap & Collars 1902-06, Regular Batt O/Rs Cap & Collars 1906-20, O/Rs 1st VB Cap Badge 1903-08, O/Rs 2nd VB Collars 1903-08, 3rd Militia Batt Officers Cap & Collars 1903-06, Regular Batt O/Rs W/M 1884-1901, O/Rs W/M 1902-06 9th Pioneer Batt O/Rs Collars WW2, All Batt O/Rs Cap & Collars 1920-55, 1st & 2nd Batt 1916 Economy Cap, Indian Issue Cap, Officers Cap Badges 2nd Patterns, Officers Cap Badges 3rd Patterns, WW2 Bakerlite Issue Badge, 4 Cap Badges 1955-, approx 70 badges.

Sold: £1,720

Lot 877

A framed and glazed display case containing Border Regiment Helmet Badges, Cap Badges, Collar Badges and a Belt Buckle, including Helmet Plates Officers 1st & 2nd Bns 1881-1884, 1st & 2nd Bns 1884-1902, 1st & 2nd Bns 1902, O/Rs Helmet Plates 1st & 2nd Bns 1881-1884, 1st & 2nd Bns 1884-1902, 1st & 2nd Bns 1902, 1st & 2nd Bns Officers Side Cap & Collars 1881-84, 1st & 2nd Bns Officers Glengarry Badge 1884, 1st & 2nd Bns Officers Collar Badges 1884-98, 1st & 2nd Bns O/Rs Collar Badges 1884-98, Officers WBC 1881-84 (waist belt clasp), 1st & 2nd Bns O/Rs Glengarry Badge 1881-84, 1st & 2nd Bns O/R Glengarry Badge 1884.

Sold: £1,640

Outside of the collection the top price of the sale was Lot 840

A Naval General Service Medal, suspender broken off, to Hugh Carney, Hugh Carney was a private in the Royal Marines and served on board HMS Britannia at Trafalgar, only one Hugh Carney found on Naval Roll, along with a WWI War Medal to 211582.SPR R.E Parry R.E. The Naval General Service Medal was awarded retrospectively in 1847 to cover naval engagements of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815)

Sold: £4,450

With there being only one Hugh Carney on the Naval Roll this medal was keenly sort after. Even though damaged and missing suspender, this medal is rare and bidders got their bids in early with the hammer price over £4,000 with four days of bidding left.