The vintage camera and photographic sale continued to produce some good prices for quality items with various lenses selling well. A beautiful Gandolfi plate camera revived a lot of attention as did a couple of Fujifilm GA645W pro cameras. Leica as always grabs the attention of bidders.

Lot 735

A Leica M3 camera (801576) with Elmar 90mm collapsable lens(1188783) in original case

Sold: £800

Lot 733

A mahogany Gandolfi whole plate camera. Comes with alloy case

Gandolfi stamped into wood, No splits in the wood, The 8.5inch by 6.5 inch glass sceeen has very slight nibble to the edge

Sold: £500

Lot 720

A Fujifilm GA645W Professional camera

Sold: £390

Lot 721

A Fujifilm GA645W Professional camera

Sold: £360

Lot 747

A very early 1925 Lieca FISON lens hood

Sold: £300

Lot 702

A Voigtlander Norton Classic 40mm F1,4 lens and a Voigtlander LH-5 hood in original boxes

Sold: £270