The Antique Vintage and Later Furniture and Furnishings 3, ending Sunday 23rd January, saw Ercol prices boosted by recent exposure on TV’s Inside The Factory programme.

Here are the hammer highlights:

Lot 416

A light Ercol dining table and six dining chairs (4 plus 2 different but complimentary designs), dimensions approx. 150 x 75cm (splay legs)

Sold: £560

Lot 408

A set of four beech hoop and stick back kitchen chairs, labelled Ercol, mid to light colour

Sold: £310

Lot 652

A light beech Ercol drop leaf dining tabe and set of four hoop and stick back dining chairs

Sold: £290

Lot 665

A light Ercol bureau or drinks cabinet, width approx. 82cm, depth approx 45cm, few lights scuffs to exterior and few light marks inside only

Sold: £220

Even the darker stained were in demand as higher prices make stripping more viable

Lot 409

A dark stained Ercol drop leaf table and three (two plus one) dining chairs

Sold: £130

Lot 580

A set of five (four plus one) hoop and stick back kitchen chairs, labelled Ercol

Sold: £110