A Victorian diamond cluster crescent brooch sold for £4,150 at 1818 Auctioneers Antique and Vintage Fine Jewellery and Watches sale which ended on Sunday 12 December. It went to a buyer in North of Scotland after a mini bidding war that saw it exceed its sale estimate of £1,500-£2000.

The firm’s silver and jewellery valuer, Jackie Rothwell (ANAVA) said the brooch was in good condition, with no visible faults or repairs.

The brooch is set with 6ct old cut diamonds, in five graduated clusters, with further diamonds set to the sides. It has no marks but is tested as gold and platinum.

Jackie says it was a good price for a brooch, which are known to be hard to sell. A fan of the brooch she adds:

“Would you wear something of this value on your coat or jacket lapel especially if it was hung on the back of your chair?”

“There are no hallmarks on the brooch but it was in lovely condition and beautifully made. Old mine cut diamonds have a softer beautiful look, a result of an era when diamonds were cut and polished by hand.

“One of the oldest symbols used by man, the crescent moon was popular in Georgian and Victorian times in brooch form. The crescent moon celebrates the feminine moon goddess and symbolises change. Victorian brides are said to have worn crescent moon brooches on their honeymoon.

“It was put up for sale by a local couple who were left it by a relative. It spent some years in the bottom of a jewellery box never seeing the light of day, which is why they decided to sell it.”