The final sale of the year included an excellent single owner collection of Stamps & Postcards that sold in 20 lots for over £7,500.

Lot 1233

A Simplex Album containing mint & used commonwealth Stamps, mainly 1800’s to George V, with very high values and Specimen Overprints including Nyasaland Protectorate 1/2p-10 shilling mint, Nyasaland Protectorate 1/2p to £10 used, Nyasaland Protectorate 1/2p to £1 mint, Edward 1908 Nyasaland up to £1 mint and used, British Central Africa 1903 to £1 mint, British Central Africa 1898 internal Postage 1p x6 used, British Central Africa 1897 to £1 used, to 4 shilling mint, 1896 to £1 used, to £1 mint, 1895 to £1 used, 1895 to £1 mint, 1895 1p to £10 Specimen overprint mint, Tanganyika to £1 mint, Southern Rhodesia George V 1/2p to 5 shilling mint, Gambia 1/2p to 3 shilling mint , must be viewed.

Sold: £2,050

Lot 1240

A folder of Australia Stamps, two sheets of mint, sheet 1 1914 watermark 5 perforation 12 2d to 5 shilling, sheet 2 1915-28 2d to 10 shilling, one 10 shilling is unmounted.

Sold: £760

Lot 1227

A collection of Gambia Stamps, mostly mint, Queen Elizabeth to George VI, high values, needs viewing, all on pages.

Sold: £700

Lot 1256

An excellent Postcard Album of WW1, Gallipoli, Egypt Palestine, many real photos of troops, damage, dugouts, camels, prisoners, executions, aircrafts, ships, natives etc.

Sold: £580

Lot 1225

A collection of Nyasaland Stamps, mainly George V and George VI with sets up to £1, needs viewing.

Sold: £460

Lot 1236

A small stock book of early Commonwealth Stamps, mainly Nyalaland and British Central Africa, mint & used, high values seen including Edward £1 mint, George V 2/6 x2 mint, 1898 Internal Post 1p x4 used, 1897 one penny on three shilling black and sea green double surcharge.

Sold: £440