Stamps and Postcards are still proving popular with our online bidders with great results achieved with most lots selling in or above estimates.

Lot 447

Two Commonwealth Stamp Albums, mint & used including Rhodesia 1892 to 1917, Southern Rhodesia 1924 to 1978, Northern Rhodesia 1925 to 1959, Zimbabwe 1980 to 1992, Natal, Transvaal, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa 1910 to 1993.

Hammer £580

Lot 465

Two Windsor albums and Stock Cards of GB Stamps, mint & used including two Mulready’s blue & black, Queen Victoria SG211 mint, Queen Victoria Eight Pence SG156 mint, George V 1934 Half Penny to Shilling mint, George V 1912 3 pence to shilling mint, Queen Victoria Four Pence grey brown fine used SG154, one GB albums with mint and used stamps, Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, two Penny Blacks and Embosed stamps seen, one empty album.

Hammer £560

Lot 441

A collection of GB Royal Mail Stamps in nine albums, mint and used, mint is modern stamps, Penny Black seen having three margin.

Hammer £500

Lot 448

A collection of Commonwealth Stamps on stock sheets and sheets, many good stamps seen, mint and used including Queen Victoria, Edward & George, many sets, many good high value stamps seen.

Hammer £460

Lot 446

A collection of modern Royal Mail Unmounted Mint Stamps in sets with First Day Covers.

Hammer £330

Lot 467

A collection of black & white Military related Postcards mainly WW1 including real photo’s Daily Mail, many companies, regiments and cavalry seen, approx 130 cards.

Hammer £250