The collectable Coin and Medal market shows no signs of slowing even with the dip in the commodity price for Gold & Silver, many lots are going to collectors as a means to invest.

Top selling lots

Lot 811: a 1926 USA Saint-Gaudnes 20 Dollar Gold Double Eagle Coin, in plastic mount – £1300

Lot 835: a 1906 Athens Olympic Games Participation Bronze Medal,  depicting Victory offering a laurel wreath as a phoenix rises from below with the Acropolis in background; the Reverse has a four line inscription and date – £1220

Lot 837: a large collection of GB Silver Coins, Threepence to Half Crown, mainly post 1920 – £820

Lot 842: a collection of mainly 17th century Tavern Tokens, 50 in total comprising, 1, HER Halfe Penny without Temple Barr, The Pasgrav Head Tavern, 2, OEF West in Bow Street, at The Blew Lion, 3, At The 3 Turn Tavern, EC in St Pauls Church Yard. 4, RF Westminster Street Ralf F? In S, 5, MIM at ?Tllif Crose, ? The Swan, 6 SPM Church Fryers In, Philip Starkey AT, 7, PRT Brailsford (picture of horseshoe) Reverse ?, 8, HHM Bishopgate Street, ?, 9, MC Tuttil Street In, At The Wheatsheaf, 10, WIL FRV at the Svggar, WF Wapping Lofe In, 11, Thomas Dennis At The, Kings In Oxen 1652 DTA, 12, Iohn Tey At The, Angell In Oxford IT, 13, Edward Mvns at the Svgera, Loaf on London Bridg 166? Halfe Penny, 14, Richard Briggs 1660, BRA at Qveenehith, 15, 1650 AAP Basin Lane, at the Seven Stares, 16, Iohn Robottom ?, St Martins Lane Tavern Halfe Penny 1667, 17, The Cross Shvfles, In Bow Street SHB 1653, 18, possibly St Clements?, 19, Thomas Pineck (mermaid), In Reading, 20, William Bell Vintner at the Bear, at Hungerford his Half Penny 1668, 21, Thomas Burrowes, In Nottingham, 22, James Partrich, Rooyston Vintner PIC, 23, Tho Meyricke, In Salopp 1663 His Half Penny, 24, Mathew Garnatt, Red Lyon In Hounslow His Half Penny 1668, 25, Seth Ireland at the, Govlding Key In Oxon SI, 26, Bishopgate at the Crispin and, Crispianvs 1653 Rich Levet A, 27, Richard Ballard of Monmuth His Halfe Penny for Necesary Chaing, 1668 God Pre Serve Our Graciovs King, 28, 1652 In Basen Lane IG, at the Whit Hors, 29, On 1669 Fishmonger, Nich Orimin In Oxon, 30, WIA In Cvrriers Alley, at the Bird In Hand, 31, Iohn Tey at the, Angell Oxford IT, 32, The Queens Head, BSM Billins Gate, 33, James Cooper at the, In St Katherns Lane His Half Peny 1668?, IA, 34, John Harison In Tvtell Street, at the Black Lyon, 35, Charles Goodwin His Half Peny, Vintner of Barnes, 36, Phillip Carterett, In White Hart Yard 1666 his Halfe Penny, 37, Mathew White at the , Aldersgate Street His Halfe Penny MWA, 38, At The Hen and, Chickins at the Hamons Key Iohn Sell, 39, WE Gaunt 1652 Wapping, at the Man En Tre, 40, At The Blew Bell, S Katherins Lans CIS, 41, Will Nodes, NCF?, 42, SI Govlding Key Oxon, At the Seth Ireland, 43, Rober Millard Baker, 166? Caxson His Half Penny, 44, Henry Gibson at the, Falcon Fetter Lane 1650, 45, Richard east at the (Stags Head), In White Cross Street, 46, Richard Ely at the, 3 Sammons In Oxon ERA, 47, Mary Greendown, MG In Watlington 1664, 48, Iohn Finch of, Wisbech IF 1666 (Grocers Arms), 49, George Peirce, In Cheap Side PGM 1665, 50, F11 ? Bealby, at the Seven Stars – £820

Lot 846: a four drawer Coin Cabinet, drawer 1 contains approx 370 World Coins from East and West Africa including Silver, drawer 2 contains approx 160 Tokens, Drawer 3 contains approx 330 World Coins including early Canada and drawer 4 contains a small collection of approx 35 Farthings – £640

Lot 845: an album of The Kings and Queens of England, First Edition Sterling Silver Proof Set Medallions, 1970 John Pinches, 43 in total along with the genealogical chart – £500