Lot 859 – A large Chinese Postcard Album containing early Hong Kong & Chinese Postcards including street, harbour, market, criminal, weavers scenes, black & white and colour along with a large Photograph Album of Chinese real black and white Photographs, 1911-1912, street scenes, colonial life, Dragon Boat Racing, Canton Execution Ground, Prisoners in Stocks (Hong Kong), Canton Mode of Torture, life of expats etc – £2350

Lot 849 – A collection of approx 230 GB Presentation Packs, 1976- 2002 along with similar period First Day Covers and unused Stamps, approx £240 face – £330

Lot 860 – A vintage Postcard album containing approx 200 cards including Midland Railways, Real Photo’s of Steam Trains, Street Scenes, Humour, Real Black & White Phot’s of Spern Head including Lighthouse, Life Boats, Picnics, Steamer, Lifeboat crew and cottages, Spern Milk Boy etc – £330

Lot 854 – A large collection of Smoking related products and advertising including Cigarette Cards, 1930’s Retail Price Catalogues including Wills, Sinclair, Lambert & Butler, Players, Stephen Mitchell Glasgow, John McKinnell, Ogdens, Dunhill, Murray Belfast, boxed and unboxed pipes including Falcon, Dunhill Innertubes for pipes in original box, pipe cleaners, Coranto Cigars advertising mirror, Rizzla cigarette papers in card boxes, cigarette tips in boxes, Tin of Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture, package of Boars Head Tobacco free sample along with two boxes of Henry Wintermans Five Senoritas Cigars, box of Balkan Sobranie Cigarettes in original box and 3 boxes containing Pal Injector Blades, each box containing 12 magazines of 10 blades, one box opened containing 9 magazines of 10 blades, two packs containing 24 magazines of 10 Pal Injector Blades, along with a Razor and a box Cigarette Holders – £300

Lot 819 – A collection of GB Mint Stamps, Queen Elizabeth II in albums and loose, Presentation Packs, sheets and part sheets, high face value – £240

Lot 861 – A vintage Postcard Album containing Real Photo’s Street Scenes, Royalty, Woven Silk Bradford Exhibition 1904, Allerton Festival 1906, Tram Crash Church Bank Bradford along with a folder of LMS Photographs of the Duke of Lancaster Steamer interior etc – £185