Simon Norfolk, Independent valuer – vinyl, memorabilia and posters

Simon takes the lead on our vinyl valuations, particularly on rare pressings and private collections. Simon also works alongside auctioneer Kev Kendal on our specialist Musical Instruments, Equipment and Collectable Vinyl auctions, cataloguing the vinyl section.

He runs his own record label and presses his own vinyl. Here’s his 1818 Auctioneers journey in his own words:

“Late 2017, early 2018, I am alerted to some auctions – just a few miles up the road from me at 1818 Auctioneers. “You like vinyl” I am told. Well, yes, I do – I always have since my grandad used to bring home bags of jukebox singles when I was a lad back in the ’70s. Music was always played in the house and I never really thought much of it, it was just omnipresent and taken for granted. Aged 12, I started my own little collection and gradually it grew and kind of took over both my life and my home!

I began to DJ and to trade records with friends in the pre-internet days. The worldwide web would arrive and open up a whole can of worms – all those records you thought you’d never get your hands on were there at your fingertips, sometimes for just a few dollars…

Back to 1818 Auctioneers. I had no experience of auctions other than eBay and a weekly one in Morecambe where I looked for records amongst the boxes of dusty books and ceramics. A chance meeting connected me with Garth Drinkall (1818 Auctioneers’ Trainee Valuer) and before I knew it, I was taking over the Independent Vinyl Valuer role, which Sean, another vinyl fiend, left when he moved next door to manage the J36 Exhibition Centre.

Almost 2 years down the line, and with some great auctions under my belt, I feel privileged to be involved with such a good team. I have also met, and continue to meet, some really interesting people (music people tend to be made that way I find) who I am happy to call friends.

Some highlights so far include:

Travelling to North Cumbria to collect a copy of the album by ‘England ‘ on the fabled local (Carnforth) label

Selling records for Kate and John Mayor, which resulted from another fateful meeting – “Do you know anything about records?” they asked me – it just so happened that I did! And the collection from Kate’s brother, Bob who had sadly passed away, was amongst one of the best and most interesting I have ever seen – and by all accounts, we’re not done with it yet!

Unearthing a rare single in Walney Island from a collection I was viewing, a homegrown £1000 Northern Soul rarity made by a band who formed in the Barrow at the shipyards. That will be coming our way when we reopen again

It never ceases to amaze me what is still out there and what shows up for each auction. And, as a footnote, the role has come some way to curing my vinyl addiction – these days I am happy selling it. Although there is still a part of me that has my finger hovering over the ‘submit bid’ button as I watch the live stream of the Vinyl auctions!”