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RESULTS: Monday 16th January, Toys, Models & Railwayana

Thanks to everyone who played a part in our very successful auction on Monday. We're very happy to tell you that the specialist section of toys, models and railwayana reached £15,000 and saw a clearance of 93%.

Auctioneer, David Hunter says:
"Two locos and tenders took the top prices for the day - Lot 601, the Fine Scale Brass Ltd O gauge 4-6-0 (£950) and Lot 599, the Bing for Bassett Lowke clockwork 1 gauge 4-4-0 (£550).

The "Rowley" NER nameboard sold for £500. A Massoth Dimax 1200Z digital station raised £300. And the LGB lots saw competitive bidding leading to good hammer prices - Lot 541, LGB, Preiser and similar plastic figures (£300) and Lot 608, LGB G scale points and crossings (£160)

But it was the Corgi Icon cast metal figures that proved most competitive among our bidders and the resulting prices were all above estimate - Lots 585, 586 & 535 Coronation Street characters (£300, £240 & £190 respectively), Lot 531, Manchester United players (£240), Lot 528, Mounted Lifeguard & Scotsguard figures (£180), Lot 579, Scotsguards (£160), Lot 529, Mounted Policemen (£160), and Lot 581, Scotsguard drummers (£160)

We had a lot of strong results on die casts in 2016 and this first specialist sale of the new year followed that lead with Lot 426, modern Van Guards die-casts selling for £190, and Lot 425, Corgi and similar die-casts including James Bond, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Thunderbirds etc reaching £170

And, those of us who have fond childhood memories of adventures with our Action Man will be most interested to hear that Lot 465, Action Man accessories and clothing made £130, while Lot 467, four Action Man figures sold for £60."

Our next toys, model and railwayana auction is on Monday 13th March and David will gladly appraise items for submission until February 28th - 015395 66205.

Wednesday, 18th of January 2017

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